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Do you know who invented the non-stick pan ?

Did you know that every time you use a non-stick pan to cook your meat or sauté your vegetables, you should spare a thought for Tefal ? That’s because it was Tefal that was granted a patent for the first ever non-stick pan, back in 1954. In fact, the very name Tefal is actually a contraction of the words Teflon and aluminium !


A cooking revolution

It may be second-nature to use non-stick pots and pans nowadays, but they were actually invented almost by accident ! Marc Grégoire, an engineer at the French aerospace research agency ONERA, had started using Teflon to help him remove glass fibre moulds. Hearing about this, his wife challenged him to create some non-stick cookware by fixing Teflon to the base of an aluminium frying pan.

It’s this exact same technique that has since enabled us to cook our food with much less fat.

The kitchen equipment manufacturers of the time may not have been impressed, but Tefal went on to market the invention and to turn it into a worldwide success ! Who could have guessed that one man’s homemade pan would become a global sensation ?!