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The latest in healthy baking for those magical family moments

Each year’s cooking and baking trends are set by the top chefs but also, and increasingly so, by the social network star foodies. And 2016 is no exception. This year, the emphasis is on family, sharing, and healthy ingredients. It’s yet another reason to ensure you always have your trusty Masterchef Gourmet to hand.

Homemade traditional carrot cake topped with walnut

Share more and more of those magic moments

Your Masterchef Gourmet will yet again be put to the test this year. And for good reason, because the current trend in terms of baking is for fun cakes using healthy ingredients. People want layer cakes, rainbow cakes and choux pastries, but using less white sugar. Replacing it with maple syrup, agave syrup and coconut sugar gives our muffins and cupcakes a whole new range of flavours. Also not to be missed are the gluten-free recipes that push you to constantly innovate and experiment, with chestnut, quinoa and rice flour all becoming your new allies.

The other major trend in 2016 is towards totally-healthy vegan baking! And because there’s no stopping you now, you’ll soon become a past master in the art of whipping aquafaba (the chickpea juice used as a replacement for egg whites) and have the whole family clamouring for more of that chocolate mousse! 100% vegan cooking now knows no limits, meaning your kids can invent their own recipes for pancakes and waffles and succumb again and again to the charms of your chocolate, hazelnut and chia seed cookies. It’s the start of a sweet revolution!