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Our guide to perfect filter coffee every time

You love your coffee filter – after all, it’s the only thing that gets you up in the morning ! Yet somehow your own coffee, while not quite resembling dishwater, never tastes quite as good as in the restaurant. So what’s the secret ? Here are a few tips to get you making perfect coffee even at the crack of dawn !


The golden rules of good filter coffee

No two ways about it — poor-quality coffee grounds will never turn into a delicious, aromatic drink! Not all coffees are equal, far from it. You need to choose a finely ground, special filter coffee – preferably arabica, as robusta coffee may prove too bitter. One important ‘top tip’ is to wet the coffee filter – just dampen it slightly (don’t soak it !) before adding your coffee grounds.

Also, avoid using too much coffee. The general rule is a single teaspoonful per cup. More than that and it may end up way too bitter. And needless to say, never use the microwave to heat up yesterday’s jug — filter coffee should be made fresh and drunk hot. It’s practically a crime to heat up coffee that’s been sitting around for 24 hours !