You’re doubtless aware of the health benefits of drinking fresh fruit juice every day. And with the help of a juice extractor or even a simple citrus press, you can whip up a whole range of vibrant, delicious juices that are also crammed with vitamins. Read on to find out more…


Get all the goodness of fruit, daily

Unlike the pasteurised versions, freshly-made fruit juice has exactly the same nutritional value and qualities as the fruit used to make it. Homemade juice is 80 to 90% water and is full of vitamins (especially A, C and B9) and minerals (calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper).

To give you just one example, 100 mg of orange contains no less than 50 mg of vitamin C ! Enough to get you through the entire day! And if you fancy experimenting with different flavours, you should know that the indisputable champions of vitamin C are kiwis and blackcurrants — so go ahead, and add as many as you like to your breakfast juice.

Mangos, guavas and papayas are a very good source of minerals such as calcium, while most fresh fruits (and especially bananas and redcurrants) are rich in potassium. However, the first rule is to treat your taste buds and to have fun in the kitchen, so experiment with sweet and sour and different colours and textures because the variety is endless !


You may not know it yet, but you’re about to develop a sudden desire to change all your pans! Why? Quite simply because Tefal has invented the Hard Titanium +® range especially for you, with a coating so resistant that it lasts three times longer than Powerglide coating! It’s an innovation that you just can’t live without!


Change to the latest generation non-stick coating

Tefal Hard Titanium +® pans are perfect for cooking all kinds of meats, sauces and vegetables. And if you do a lot of cooking and put your pans to the test day after day, you’re going to love this brand new technology. Because even if you don’t always remember to get out the wooden spoon, it’s not a problem! Thanks to Titanium technology, your pans are resistant to metal utensils!

The pans you’ve been waiting for

Now you can relax and cook to your heart’s content! Hard Titanium +® pans are designed to let you fry, brown, simmer and sauté with zero stress. With these coatings, you can finally try out all the recipes you like, from sweet to savoury.


Moving in together brings quite a few changes — romantic dinners, cosy breakfasts in bed, evenings cuddled up on the sofa watching the television… and a lot more ironing ! So you’ve given the old dry iron to your little sister and bought yourselves a steam iron. Efficient, easy to use and perfect for those tricky garments, you’ll soon discover that it’s also a major timesaver !


Speed things up with your steam iron

Your housewarming party was the ideal opportunity to ask for a useful gift — your new steam iron, that you knew needed to be both lightweight and easy to use. Thanks to your brand new iron, you shouldn’t need to spend all day ironing shirts, trousers and household linen. With the help of a little steam and a few clever ironing tips, you can say goodbye forever to unsightly creases and tennis elbow, and even discover that ironing can be a pleasure !

The most important factor in choosing a steam iron is how much ironing you need to do in the week. If you can’t stand misshapen skirts and over-stretched T-shirts, then choose an iron that’s extremely user-friendly (some even have vertical steam, for perfect crease-free clothes). And finally, don’t forget that limescale is your steam iron’s public enemy N° 1. For perfect results every time, use filtered water and clean your iron regularly. Because let’s admit it, you couldn’t live without it even for a week !


Did you know that every time you use a non-stick pan to cook your meat or sauté your vegetables, you should spare a thought for Tefal ? That’s because it was Tefal that was granted a patent for the first ever non-stick pan, back in 1954. In fact, the very name Tefal is actually a contraction of the words Teflon and aluminium !


A cooking revolution

It may be second-nature to use non-stick pots and pans nowadays, but they were actually invented almost by accident ! Marc Grégoire, an engineer at the French aerospace research agency ONERA, had started using Teflon to help him remove glass fibre moulds. Hearing about this, his wife challenged him to create some non-stick cookware by fixing Teflon to the base of an aluminium frying pan.

It’s this exact same technique that has since enabled us to cook our food with much less fat.

The kitchen equipment manufacturers of the time may not have been impressed, but Tefal went on to market the invention and to turn it into a worldwide success ! Who could have guessed that one man’s homemade pan would become a global sensation ?!


Making the most of pan-frying

As your frying pan heats up, you often find yourself wondering when to add your meat, eggs or other ingredients. It is hot enough, or maybe even too hot? To make your life simpler, we have created Thermo-spot®, an efficient and effortless way to cook.

The Thermo-Spot®, a Tefal innovation that makes cooking simpler

As with all our innovations, we invented the Thermo-Spot® to simplify your daily life and help you make the most of pan-frying. Thanks to this specially-designed indicator, you’ll discover that cooking food to perfection can be child’s play!


The idea behind the Thermo-Spot® is simple: when you heat up your pan, an indicator in its base lets you know when it has reached the required temperature. That’s because the key to good cooking lies in correct preheating. When it is hot enough, the little circle goes completely red, telling you that the whole pan is at exactly the right temperature.

Most Tefal frying pan and crepe pan models boast a Thermo-Spot®, to help you cook all your food to perfection – whether it’s meat, vegetables, or delicious pancakes for your children.

For more informations , watch the video!


All the rage on Sundays, the brunch phenomenon is gaining ground in many countries. Certain major cities like New York, Paris and London have become adepts of the Sunday brunch, with hotels and restaurants offering guests a wide range of drinks and sweet and savoury dishes from which to concoct their own perfect brunch. What’s your pleasure?


Brunch – delicious, filling and highly sociable!

Sunday brunch usually takes place between noon and 3pm, and is a time for family and friends to get together for a moment of pure, unadulterated pleasure. When at home, everyone mucks in to help prepare what is actually a full meal, combining breakfast specialities with traditional fayre. Dessert isn’t forgotten, or course, and often features local dishes – American cheesecakes and cupcakes, Italian tiramisu, or English fruit cake. Mix and match to give your brunches that extra pizzazz!

Savoury dishes also tend to reflect the local specialities. There may be cold platters of vegetables, terrines and all kinds of salads, plus a meat or fish dish. What makes for a good brunch? The variety of dishes, but also the ability to pick and choose as you like. While some may start with coffee and toast, others prefer to begin with the savoury and end on a sweet note. Go ahead and enjoy a delicious brunch – just how you like it!


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